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デジタル畳職人で猫グッズも作る人の雑記 ち畳工房・ち音楽堂(

子猫の頃のトラ猫兄妹の成長の記録 Growth of tabby cat brothers携帯の動画を掘り起こしていたら、トラ猫兄弟シマ、トラの子猫の頃の短い動画が結構あったので繋げて見ました。当時は携帯の容量が残りわずかで短い動画しか撮ってなかったんですよね〜f^_^;) When I was digging up a video on my mobile phone, there were quite a few short videos of the tabby cat brothers Shima and Tora, so I tried connecting them. At that time, I had only a short amount of mobile phone left and I was only shooting short videos.